Little Egypt’s show
featuring Aida Nour, Magdi El-Leisy, Layla of Egypt, Angelika, Lucia, Fahtiem and more!
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Dance Gala”A Night In Cairo”
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Lucia’s Choreography DVD’s –
Created by Lucia for solo or troupe performances

• $13 each, includes shipping in USA
• Contains videotaped front & back view of a choreographed performance by Lucia
• A mp3 file (music) will be emailed separately to you

Lucia’s Veil & Dynamic Tabla
A graceful veil entrance, with an exciting drum solo
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A beautiful, graceful oriental choreography

A beautiful, graceful oriental choreography

Tabla Odyssey Drum Solo
Exciting intermed level drum solo

Agyyb Agyyb
Beginning level – sassy saidi choreography to a cherished Egyptian Song
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Azab El Hawa
A contemporary Saidi choreography

Egyptian Balady
A beautiful slow, elegant oriental piece

Horus Blues
A Jazz-Arabic choreography

Melaya Lef DVD
Fun Melaya Lef choreography inspired 
by Tito
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Yay Sehr Ouyounoo
Beautiful veil piece, beginning level

Raks Ayoub Choreography
Lebanese style dance – Veil – mysterious

Habibi Ya Eini
Fun oriental dance with sass

Eshta Ya Amar
Oriental, Saidi & Khalijee sections Intricate drum sections – Great for troupes
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Flamenco Fire
A fiery Flamenco fusion – intermediate level

Kadouka El Mayas Wings 
Lebanese song with lovely Isis wings