Congratulations Lucia for winning 1st  runner up at the legendary event, Amani’s Oriental Dance Festival in Beirut, Lebanon, October 2011. Lucia’s performances are graceful, powerful and exciting. Lucia performs and schedules bookings in a variety of Middle Eastern venues. [Video]

Lucia’s performance Schedule

Alborz Mediterranean Restaurant schedule

Charcoal House... Open Flyer here

Ahmed Hussien-Oriental Magestry
July 1, 2018 1:00pm - 3:00pm
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Tabla Exotica: Dancing with the Drum Workshop
Featuring Lucia and Ahmed El-Asmer
Sunday, August 26, 2018 12:00pm to 2:30pm
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*Persian New Year at Sufi Mediterranean Restaurant
see the video "2013 Nowruz Fox5" here

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Dancing with the Drum Workshop
August 25, 2018
Ahmed Hussien
July 1, 2018


As always your show was absolutely fantastic!! I was so glad I was able to make it!! I loved the part where you totally stood on the drum!! I could not believe my eyes! You Go Girl!! (smile). I love how you perform because you never give a disappointing performance. You are always on top of your game.
See you in class! Tasha

I so enjoyed your show last night and had so much fun! Good Lord, Lucia!...your performance last night was the most beautiful and exciting bellydance performance I have ever seen in my entire life..thank you so very much!
Your Friend & Student, Sharon

What a great show last night!!! As always you were amazing!! I loved the dancing on the drum.
Thank you! Cassie

Hi Lucia! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to perform in such a fabulous show! You are a generous teacher and an amazing performer! ~ See you soon! ~

Thank you so much for organizing the show! It was so much fun!! I really appreciate all the work you put into it! You danced so wonderful and you looked amazing!

Hello Lucia - you are a wonderful performer and a magical dancer - we enjoyed the show.

Dear Lucia,
You started the show like a Hollywood movie with that entrance of Cleopatra, a queen. This reminded me of glamourous movies of the past that we do not see often.Your creativity gave us the feeling that we were living in Egyptian times. We all really enjoyed the rest of the show and your finale drum solo. CONGRATULATIONS for your spectacular show!
Gloria R.



Haji Baba 2013  
Lucia with Master Percussionist Fadi El Saadi Fadi El Saadi, Lucia and more
Issam and Lucia Drum Solo Lucia and Fadi El Saadi at Haji Baba
Lucia with Issam Bellydance at Haji's Lucia of San Diego
Lucia at A Night of Splendor - May 2012 Amani Oriental Festival 2011 .. Lucia Herlinda 2nd Winner
Amani Oriental Festival - OPENING 2011 - Lebanon Lucia at Tango Del Ray - August 2011
Lucia in Beirut, Lebanon> ,,,,,,,Lucia in Beirut, Lebanon Amani Oriental Festival 2011 - Competition Night
Lucia belly dancer at Tango Del Rey Lucia at SAMEDA Faire 2011
See Lucia & the Sands of Arabia at Sufi Mediterranean Restaurant on Friday/Saturday nights, schedule varies. Lucia Performance at Bedouin Bazaar 2010
Lucia bellydance drum solo with Donovan Samba Fire - Lucia
Lucia at Golden Nights Lucia and the Sands of Arabia at Golden Nights
Top   "Lucia & the Sands of Arabia" on Carnival Elation Cruise
Lucia with Middle- Earth Ensemble "Lucia" on the Carnival Elation Cruise
Lucia Belly Dancer @ Chaldean Wedding Lucia & Sands of Arabia - Cleopatra's Epic
Once Upon a BellyDance Top Lucia at Bellydance Spectacular
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