Samba Fire

In 2009, Lucia established Samba Fire, a dazzling professional dance troupe incorporating an International dance repertoire, including Samba, Latin dance, Flamenco-fusion and Middle Eastern Dance. Samba Fire has performed regularly at Avo’s Mediterranean Café, Alborz Persian Restaurant, Sufi Mediterranean Restaurant and more. The Ensemble is available for booking by contacting Lucia

Club Cleopatra

In 2003, Lucia established an elegant Dance Gala titled "Club Cleopatra". From 2003 to 2009, shows have been regularly featured at several fine Middle-Eastern Restaurants in San Diego. To view past Club Cleopatra events, please click here. Or see photos at Lucia Herlinda’s Facebook.

In October, 2008, Lucia and the Sands of Arabia performed a la Club Cleopatra style at the Mikado Lounge aboard the Carnival Elation cruise ship. See YouTube / See Photos


Samba Fire
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